Provide Value-Based Care - at Scale

Competing in the healthcare market today requires a culture that is focused on value for the patient and consumer and on delivering the right care at the right time - at scale. The MultiScale Platform platform frees previously inaccessible healthcare data and drives process and quality standardization.

This fuels:

  • Delivering the best possible information to the consumer/patient and provider at the right time
  • Personalizing the patient-provider partnership and journey across the continuum of care
  • Measuring outcomes through value data metrics and continuous performance improvement

"Rethinking the healthcare value chain as a whole is about more than defining how care is delivered", says Amy Compton-Phillips, Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer of Providence Health & Services. "It's about understanding how we continuously move upstream and interact with patients who define health in different ways, including social needs. It involves a care reimbursement system that is redesigned to align with driving better value and looks at outcomes over the cost of delivering those outcomes. And it requires that we recognize the amazing power and capacity of teams to create an abundance of resources."