Drive Operational Efficiency

The MultiScale Platform provides secure, near real-time, relevant healthcare data and interactive tools enabling closed looped systems to optimize operational and clinical efficiency. We are passionate about measurable outcomes through value metrics. Value metrics include understanding the key inputs in order to ask the right questions and focus on fixing the right things.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Gain visibility into near real-time process and quality variances and prioritize where and how to take action using near real-time metrics (within the flow of work) that you define.
  • Assess current status, identify areas for improvement, define value metrics and track adherence to process and quality standards that you define, comparing performance improvement results over time.
  • Explore up to the minute and retrospective data interactively, using dynamic and responsive tools. You can visualize the data through a process flow diagram, charts and sortable tables, enabling up to the minute and retrospective examination of time-stamped events.
  • Save favorite data views, compare views over time, and add notes to track your progress toward process and quality improvement initiatives.